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Microsoft Tech-Ed 2010

Wilkommen, bonjour, ciao, konnichiwa, bienvenidos, ola, sanibonani, dumelang and welcome. Welcome to Durban: As we immerse ourselves in the Playground of the Zulu Kingdom, let us explore a world of imagination.

Imagine a world of infinite possibility; a world where the future is now; a world where the boundaries between technology and reality are obliterated. Imagine your new world as a blank canvas. A canvas on which you, the artist, can discover new places, create a world of endless promise and work together as people who understand the significance of being instrumental in changing the world around you. You, the technology expert, have a role that is unlike any other. As you enter this world imagine yourself as the creator. You are the architect, the initiator, the unique individual whose very ideas will pave the way for new and exciting innovation. It is time to start believing in these ideas, and allowing them to be cultivated by the global community.  And as each artist brings a distinctive force to this world, you work hand in hand thus creating a permutation of order, promise and achievement through learning, connecting, exploring and evolving.

Imagine Learning – as you move through this unique and diverse world, you are submerged in a glorious state of knowledge and because knowledge is power, you glean everything you can from technical sessions held by industry experts.

Imagine Connecting – experience the power of networking through a series of encounters with people who share your passion for technology interests and business challenges.

Imagine Exploring – we know your commitment is unparalleled, so spend invaluable time discovering new and untapped places in the hands-on lab, and unite with the experts as they uncover your potential.

Imagine Evolving – your capability is like an embryo: pure and untainted. Let this embryo grow into glorious potential by keeping your skills honed and accessing online training and resources.

As you start to discover new and exciting potentials within yourself, you join forces with your fellow artists, whose very purpose it is to work with you in developing and harnessing this potential. You create a chain of infinite possibility.

Over the next four days connect directly with everyone – because in a new world where age, gender, nationality and language are obsolete, we become a union that understands places, possibilities and people. Open yourself up to a world of infinite potential by exploring cutting-edge insights; learn from the best in the business; build connections with experts, colleagues and peers that will last a lifetime; and evolve into a professional who can deal with the challenges of today and discover the innovations of tomorrow. Welcome to your world. Welcome to Microsoft.