Business priorities and values HAVE TO BE FUN! Yup. True story. And here's why: whenever you engage in sales or product development or approach a customer or communicate a value or write something about something (a business, a brand, a product, a person) you're telling a story. And people love stories. Because we're basically still kids inside. And kids? They LOVE stories! One of the things I'm really, really good at is telling stories. You have a story. Trust me. Your business has a story. And it's dying to be told.

Sexpo 2011 - 2013

Aiming to create a bit of naughty hype, it was the intention to make people feel excited about the upcoming event, but not alienated by the content. Using tongue-in-cheekery and a few naughty puns, we managed to attract a record number of attendees in both Johannesburg and Durban last year. Part of the job description was to write press releases on various acts, personalities, celebrities, as well as stat releases and questionnaires. TONE - tongue-in-cheek, sexy, informative

Billy the BUMS

Billy the B.U.M.s wanted to rebrand themselves as one of the trendiest, sexiest places to be and be seen in Johannesburg. Part of the job required that they rewrite their website to give a taste of what young, cosmopolitan social butterflies could expect. It was important to use a light and easy tone that welcomed new visitors to the venue and retained the mood and feel to which present clients had become accustomed. TONE - young, cosmopolitan, easy, sexy